Market and users

Cleanliness Cabinet has been conceived and designed to help manufacturers of hydraulic parts and systems to fulfill the rising requirements to assess the cleanliness of their products.
These are the main markets to which our product is oriented.

Customer categories

In the Feasibility Study performed during Phase 1, we segmented the potential customers of Cleanliness Cabinet into three categories regarding their position in the supply chain:

  • Manufacturers of hydraulic components.
    These companies are more and more obligated by their customers to guarantee the cleanliness of their components. They need effective cleaning systems and affordable cleanliness assessment certification, but the cost of the present solutions limits the number of tests that are performed in practice, something that puts them in permanent risk of having problems related to cleanliness. For these companies Cleanliness Cabinet is the only solution that can solve this situation without boosting their quality expense.
  • Assemblers of hydraulic components and automotive/aeronautic systems through which a fluid flows.
    For these companies the presence of particles in the parts with which they assemble their hydraulic systems is a serious problem, although contamination can also come from the internal handling and mounting operations. Cleanliness Cabinet will enable them to check the cleanliness of the components that come from the suppliers and also to improve the quality of their own products. All this can be achieved while reducing the inspection costs.
  • End-users of hydraulic components and generic automotive/aeronautic systems through which a fluid flows, belonging to different sectors (construction, agriculture, material handling, automotive, aerospace, etc.).
    They can use Cleanliness Cabinet as a test bench to check the cleanliness of the hydraulic systems coming from suppliers, as well as to evaluate the cleanliness of complete hydraulic systems.

Customer requirements

Customer requirement Solution provided by Cleanliness Cabinet
Cleanliness assessment is a costly operation. Cleanliness Cabinet is the most cost-effective solution available. The cost/test ratio is lower and the device itself is cheaper than the competing alternatives.
External analyses have very long lead times. Cleanliness Cabinet is not only much faster than external analyses, but also significantly faster than any other in-site solution (50 tests per day and even more)
Testing solutions have to be robust and with low-maintenance. Cleanliness Cabinet is being validated by industrial partners and will offer 2-year guaranty. It is almost maintenance free: only two components have to be replaced every 0.5 to 2 years. Maintenance is fully taken by OilSafe technical team.
On-site solutions are only effective for certain geometries and contaminants. The higher flow rates and pressures used Cleanliness Cabinet enable to remove any type of contaminant, no matter the geometry of the part to be analysed. The functional tests of the component allow the complete extraction of the contaminants.
On-site solutions require a clean room laboratory for analysis. Cleanliness Cabinet is the only system that integrates component operation, contaminant extraction and cleanliness analysis in the same device. No laboratory is required.
Present solutions cannot be integrated in production lines. The compact size and simple operation of Cleanliness Cabinet makes easy to integrate it in manufacturing lines, enabling for fast reaction in case that a problem is detected. Moreover, it will be possible to connect with it remotely.

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